NEPPA's 50th Anniversary Activities

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NEPPA is excited to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary all year long! Keep an eye out for all the historical information we are going to be broadcasting and fun events/activites to be occuring all year long!



50th Anniversary Sponsorship






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 NEPPA's 50th Slide Show






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Historical Interviews







For our 50th Annivesary year we decided it would be a good time to reflect on all that NEPPA has accomplished in the last 50 years and what we hope to continue doing in the present and into the future.


To read the interviews that have been completed, please click below!


January 2015


February 2015


March 2015


April 2015


Past Presidents







To see the complete list of NEPPA's Past Presidents, click here!

Archive of Award Recipients







To see the complete list of NEPPA's Past Award Recipients, click here!