Northeast Public Power Association Quality Assurance Program
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The NEPPA-Q certification program has begun certification for managers!



What is NEPPA-Q?

A Public Utility Certification program which is comprised of completion of  some combination of functional knowledge and/or physical skills. The purpose of the NEPPA-Q certification is to ensure a high level of core training, knowledge and/or attributes that candidates need to perform in the various positions in the public utility industry.


How do I earn my certification?

All certifications will require some combination of training, education, physical or knowledge testing to demonstrate basic job acumen. Renewal of certification will be based on continuing education units.


What certification programs are available?

  • Initial offerings will include certification for General Managers and Linecrew.
  • Additional individual certification programs will be developed and reviewed periodically by the appropriate NEPPA body.


How do I maintain certification? 

  • Interim maintenance for certification will require annual contact hours and/or CEUs.
  • Certification authorization or re-authorization periods will vary based on individual discipline standards, which will be vetted and documented.
  • Internal and external programs seeking approval for contact hours or CEUs will be reviewed for approval by qualified NEPPA staff or volunteers.


What else should I know? 

  • NEPPA-Q certification is intended be a basic evaluation at the moment of authorization and does not guarantee that individuals are qualified for individual work places or positions.
  • NEPPA-Q certifications are not tied to or indicative of the steps of an industry promotional hierarchy. Advancement processes vary greatly amongst public utilities based on size and scope of operations.


Click here to see the Public Utility Management Core for the specific elements of the core.


Other Info


Depending on the type of certification Contact Hours, CEUs or a combination of both may be required for certification maintenance.


  • A Contact Hour equates to 50 minutes of teaching or knowledge implementation. No assessment of learner’s knowledge accumulation is required.
  • A Continuing Education Unit or CEU is a minimum of four hours of learning experience with an application of knowledge completed during or at the end of the process.

NEPPA equates four Contact Hours to one CEU.


For a more detailed description of what the Public Utility Manager Certification process entails, please click here! 


How do I become a "Certified Public Utility Manager"?


The Public Utility Manager Certification is for those employed or seeking management positions in a public utility. Individual utilities will have their own position requirements. But, this program provides training in the eight core elements that mangers need to address in their positions. 


You may achieve your Public Utility Manager Certification one of two ways:

  1. Complete two sessions of the Public Utility Management Program within a one year period
  2. Using our stand alone classes or outside vetted classes to help work toward the certification. These must credits must also be completed within five years


What classes are available?


  • NEPPA currently offers the Public Utility Management program which has classes in the eight core areas required for Manager Certification.
  • Additionally, NEPPA will begin offering contact hours at all NEPPA conferences, @ Your-Site trainings, one day trainings and on-line.
  • Education is also accepted from outside providers. (To ensure the content meets the core requirements, please send official program description and instructor information to NEPPA.)