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The Utility Workforce of the Future -

A New Look at Diversity


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NEPPA Webinar Series     |    Thursday, December 19, 2019 (11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST)



Participants will be awarded one (1.0) Professional Development Hour (PDH) upon completion of this webinar.


NEPPA Webinar Series

NEPPA and Collaborative Learning, Inc. have partnered to offer the final in a series of four 1-hour webinars to help NEPPA members better understand regulatory requirements, leadership skills, a changing workforce, and emerging technologies in the utility industry.   


The NEPPA Webinar Series is being offered as part of NEPPA's Public Utility Management Program (PUMP).  Participation in at least two of four webinars is expected as part of completing PUMP.


Who Should Attend

The learning outcomes of this webinar are relevant to:

  • Commissioners
  • Executive Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • First Line Supervisors
  • Engineers
  • Superintendents
  • General Managers
  • General Foremen
  • Lineworkers


The 1-Hour New Look at Diversity Webinar will be held Thursday, December 19th beginning at 11:00 am and covers the following:


  • Current conditions and need for diversity. Workforce retirement and other changes (technology, etc.) creating a need for workforce expansion and modificationCurrent conditions and need for diversity. Workforce retirement and other changes (technology, etc.) creating a need for workforce expansion and modification
  • Inevitability of diversity—changing demographics in US and regionally, percentage of women in the workforce, minorities in the workplace, expectation of millennial employees now a significant presence in the workforce
  • Benefits of diversity (business case)—numerous studies document benefits, including bottom line increases and success, greater innovation, stronger customer connections, better decision making, improved problem solving, better thinking
  • Challenges—lack of comfort with diversity by dominant culture, need to build trust, paying lip service to diversity, need to make cultural changes to gain the benefits of diversity
  • What to do to take advantage of opportunities for and necessity of diversity – review the organization’s cultural ability to integrate diverse employees, broaden sources of recruiting, develop more avenues for effective listening and communication across the broad workforce




Webinar Highlights

Utilities are experiencing a wave of retirements and are in the process of building a workforce that will carry their organizations into the future—hopefully successfully.


As utility leaders think about how to attract and work with a new generation of employees, they will probably discover the opportunity and necessity of creating a workforce that has more variation and diversity than previously.


This webinar will discuss the potential movement of utilities to creating a more diverse workforce that can garner the benefits and address the challenges inherent in diversity.


We will look at all types of diversity from diversity in thinking and personality to racial, gender and ethnic diversity. We will avoid “politically correct” proscriptive thinking to engage in a discussion of meaningful small-scale change that can have a positive impact on the workforce and the utility.




Members: $80

Non-Members: $125


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Cancellations are accepted until Thursday, December 5, 2019. Substitutions may be made at any time.



Webinar Facilitators

R. John Miner, P.E., President, Collaborative Learning, Inc. 

Before forming his own company in 1995, John worked as a management consultant providing services to clients in the electric, water, wastewater and communications utility industries. He lives and works out of Austin, Texas and Cedar, Michigan.

John consults with utilities throughout the United States in a wide range of areas related to business strategy, governance, performance management, organizational development, and technical operations. He is nationally known and respected for his subject area knowledge of utility enterprises and his skills as a consultant and facilitator. John is often called on to organize and lead governing board and executive management retreats as well as guide management and employee work teams and interventions aimed at resolving specific performance problems.


John works with governing boards on policy and strategy development, executive recruitment and executive evaluation. He has also conducted numerous organizational and management reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of and recommend changes to existing organizational structures, work processes and practices, and support facilities and equipment. John has delivered management and technical education programs for organizations throughout the U.S. and in six overseas locations.


Elizabeth L. (Betsy) Aylin, Ph.D.  Dr. Betsy Aylin is an experienced executive and organization consultant with deep expertise in organizational effectiveness and leadership development.  She has worked in and with a broad array of industries, including public power utilities across the U.S.


Betsy has over 30 years domestic and international experience working with organizations on strategic and business planning, organizational change, leadership and management development, and building human resource capabilities. She specializes in helping leaders set direction, build strong work teams, and drive results. Betsy provides coaching, consultation, and education on such organizational issues as structure, culture change, succession planning, workforce planning, leadership and management development, and performance improvement.


She has designed and facilitated corporate strategic and business planning processes and a range of leadership and management development programs for domestic and international audiences.



Questions?  Please contact Sarah Elise Braese, Director of Education & Programs at or call (978) 540-2205.