Non-Technical Certificate Programs

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**These programs will run if there is enough interest**


Customer Service Leadership

NEPPA’s Customer Service Leadership program will be presented again in 2016. This intensive, classroom-based training program covers all of the skills and knowledge required to deal effectively with utility customers under the most routine to the most challenging circumstances. Participants who sucessfully complete the program are awarded a NEPPA Certificate in Customer Service Leadership. To facilitate member participation, the program has been modified in two ways to make it even more convenient for you to attend, the curriculum has been condensed into a more abbreviated schedule: either four half-day sessions or two full-day sessions.


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Crew Leadership

This course has been designed to provide supervisory and leadership skill training for field supervisors (and future field supervisors) of public power systems. These positions, which are typically known as line superintendents, truck foremen, general foremen, lead linemen or crew leaders, are responsible for the day-to-day management of field operations for public power utilities. The course covers the major elements of the crew leaders’ responsibilities and reviews the knowledge, as well as the technical and interpersonal skills required for success on the job. All participants will gain a clear understanding of the challenges inherent in crew leadership positions and the expertise and commitment necessary to meet these challenges.


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Public Utility Management Program

Created by public power leaders for General Managers, Commissioners and up and coming managers. Participants learn or improve critical leadership skills and knowledge. Curriculum includes: Power management, Technology, financial operations, human resources, legislative/regulatory issues and Board relations. This program is designed for new and returning attendees to strengthen and maintain their understanding of the most important developments affecting the electric utility industry in the United States. Many managers and commissioners attend regularly to refresh their relevant knowledge.This program may not be offered every year.


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Plant Accounting for Electric Utilities

This one-day course covers plant accounting systems or work order systems, used by electric utilities to maintain accurate plant records. Topics covered include integration of plant record-keeping with financial forecasts, construction work plans, accumulating work-in-process, contribution-in-aid of construction, as well as retirements, and contracts. Participants will learn proper accounting for capital expenditures such as materials, labor, transportation, and overhead, as well as work order close out, unitization, and continuing property records.